Wednesday, February 20, 2008

SKorean held for cooking landlady's pet dog

Tuesday Feb 19 15:02 AEDT
A jobless South Korean who was flat broke and hungry has been detained for cooking his landlady's pet dog, police said Tuesday.

The man was held for questioning Monday after his neighbours spotted smoke rising from his tiny one-room residence in the Jongno district of central Seoul and called firefighters.

"The man, who is jobless and lives alone in a poor residential area, has been quizzed on suspicion of stealing the dog," an investigator told AFP, declining to give details.

The bizarre case involved a chihuahua, one of the world's smallest breed of dogs, Yonhap news agency said.

The man, who was under the influence of alcohol at that time, took the animal to his room while his landlady was in a bathroom and killed it, the agency said.

As he was searing the pet, he set fire to his clothes. Firefighters caught him at the scene and reported the case to police.

The man reportedly told investigators he did it because he was hungry.

My, my, my...


ed said...

Something similar happened in Russia where two guys killed and ate the dog of their friend. The owner of the dog subsequently killed the two friends (but did not eat them as far as I know).

This is Hina... said...

very scary!