Wednesday, August 19, 2009

EMOVERE - An Art Exhibit by Hina ET :^)

see for yourself, originally uploaded by Hina :-).

18-28 AUG 2009 Slowear Gallery, Fringe Club
Vernissage: 21st AUG with cocktail reception

“emovere” is a solo exhibit of photographic & charcoal artworks by multi-media artist Hina.

The Latin word “emovere”, where e- means ‘out’ and movere means ‘move’, which makes it ‘the move one makes outward’, this word became the origin of the French word émouvoir. The French word then emerged to the English word, ‘emotion’, which is now commonly used as a description of the public display of one’s private inward reasoning.

The artist will be expressing her emotions through her models with photographs and charcoal. Hina has always been fascinated by the human beings, the eyes, noses, lips, hairs, skins… etc, all that are seen or unseen within the superior human beings. In this exhibit, she will not only express her emotion but will also express the mixed feeling she received from her models during the interaction with them.

Through interactions and communications, we understand people; however, there is this most direct form of understanding where Hina thinks it is the eye contacts with people which amaze her. She continues to photograph and make drawings of faces from 2001 and started this portraiture project in early 2009. This exhibit will showcase these emotions and will act as a preview of this actually bigger project later on this year and the next. The artworks will aim to affect audiences with an emotional curiosity for the further digestion of people’s different feelings in their inner minds. The artist hopes the artworks will make some room for the many minds to re-define feelings to a deeper perspective.


The artworks I’m exhibiting in this showcase are a part of my larger version of “emovere” which I hope to be exhibiting later on this year or the next, these works will act as a preview of it. I’m personally quite an emotional person, and am greatly affected by different emotions, so there I present my models and myself through visual works which I’ve been practicing for quite some years. I hope you enjoy the show.
- Hina


拉丁文"emovere"意指內在的意識受到外來激發而流露出來的現象, 如喜怒哀樂, 是法文"émouvoir"的來源。後來由法文演變成的英字"emotion", 今天泛指個人對外界的情感表達。

軒娜向來對人類的面孔情有獨鐘,並希望於這次個展中透過她喜愛的攝影和木炭素描,表達自己的情緒, 同時分享與模特兒進行創作時互動交流的情感。

人類透過交流及溝通互相了解,而軒娜則認為其實有一種更直接的了解方式: 眼神接觸。 這亦是她著迷人像攝影及繪畫的原因。故此自二零零一年開始, 軒娜便開始從事肖像的攝影和描繪創作,更於二零零九初開始籌劃"emovere",累積了無數的相關創作。是次展覽將只是整個計劃的一小部份,會為未來較大窺規模的展覽揭開序幕。

而作為一首序曲, 軒娜希望是次展覽能夠引起觀賞者對情緒表達的好奇心, 作為與觀賞者互動的第一步, 接而誘發他們進一步咀嚼人類情緒更深一層的內容, 並提供空間讓他們以嶄新的角度欣賞、發現和感受人類更深的情緒。

"今次展覽只是一個開始, 所以我希望是次展覽能給大家一個預告。 我是一個感性也很受外來情緒影響的人, 因此這些年來都累積了不同對情緒的經驗和感受, 今次有幸跟別人分享我對情緒的態度, 希望各位能享受是次展覽並有所得著。" -軒娜

個展" emovere "

emovere はメディアアーティスト雛による木炭画と写真の展覧会です。

ラテン語でemovere のeは‘out’、movereは‘move’を意味し、emovereは外側に向かって移動するという意味を持っています。movereはフランス語のémouvoirの語源になり、そして英語の‘emotion’へとつながります。今日では‘emotion’という単語は人間の内面心理の描写として使われています。





"私が今回展示する作品は“emovere” プロジェクトの一部分です。私は今年以降プロジェクトの全貌を展示したいと思っています。今回の展示はそのためのプレビューです。

- ヒナ :^)